The Secret Garden


  • February 8 - February 10 at 7:30 PM
  • February 11 at 2:00 PM
  • February 15 - February 17 at 7:30 PM
  • February 18 at 2:00 PM

The Secret Garden, a musical about Mary Lennox, who is sent to live in England after her parents die in India. Misselthwaite Manor turns out to be a gloomy fortress. Her uncle is rarely home and his young son, Colin, never leaves his room - convinced he’s an incurable invalid. Mary discovers a strange walled garden that has been locked up for years. With the gardener’s apprentice, Dickon, a lad who can talk to the animals, Mary coaxes the garden back to life.

Mary Lennox- Riley Keenan
Archibald Craven- Andrew Vinton
Dr. Neville Craven- Shawn Gable
Martha- Evelin Stayner
Dickon- Ian Wallace
Ben Weatherstaff- Phil Jurus
Lily Craven- Natalie DeSantis
Colin Craven- Noah Chetlen
Mrs. Medlock/Dreamer- Valeria Schrader
Mrs. Winthrop/Dreamer- Stephi Bauden
Captain Albert Lennox- Travis Zimmerman
Rose Lennox- Nina Cline
Alice- Amanda Heineman
Lieutenant Shaw- Joshua Schwartz
Major Holmes- Kaylor Long
Mrs. Claire Holmes- Susan DiNovis
Lieutenant Wright- Michael Dziurzynski
Major Shelley- James Riley
Mrs. Shelley- Robyn Thompson
Fakir- Moses Mariscal
Ayah- Madison Lenhart
Jane/Dreamer- Amelia Ritrievi
Nurse/Dreamer- Audrey Wierzbicki
Photograher/Dreamer- Katie Copeland
Dreamer- Sage Snyder
Dreamer- Carly Evans
Dreamer- Sadie Kosoff
Dreamer- Madeline Horney
Dreamer- Maddie Copeland
Dreamer- Jude Petersen


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